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Maliau Basin Studies Center is facilitating research activities, hosting environmental education programs, training and as a central management for the protection of the Maliau Basin Conservation Area. At times, you may encounter big groups carrying out field courses, educational programs and training in the Center among other special interest group (naturalist) and individuals.


For your information, accommodation at the Centre is organised into five (5) categories: camping ground (Belian Camp), Hostel, Standard Resthouse, Deluxe and VIP House. We recommend the Resthouse rooms, which are located at arm's length from the dining hall (the only place to eat, other than self-catered kitchen facilities at the hostel and camping ground). These rooms are basic but comfortable and clean which comes with ceiling fans, attached bathroom and of twin beds. Chalet rooms, on the other hand, are air conditioned. Towels are provided to those staying in the resthouse and chalet rooms. The simple hostel is about 10-15 minutes walk from the dining hall, and the barracks-style rooms are separated by gender. Please bear in mind that amenities are basic hence do not expect a top notch world class accommodation. All buildings at the Centre run on GENERATED SETS (GENSET), which shuts off between 12am to 7am daily. There are no professionally trained guides at the centre – only rangers who can show you the trails as their prime roles are to ensure your safety i.e. from getting lost during jungle trekking. MBSC is not a commercialized tourist lodging hence there are no helpdesks round the clock offering tour programs or nature guides onsite unless you have already arranged for pre-booked tours. Please refer to the manual and notes in your rooms or guests’ board on communication especially during emergency after office hours or during rest days.






Sleeping Bag


Hiking Boots / Sport Shoes Leech Socks / Socks


Clothes / Trekking Trousers outdoor clothing (breathable/ quick-dry material and earth colors) Head Torch / Torchlight


Basic First Aid Kit


Rucksack / Selection of Dry Bags (to keep trek bag content dry) Toiletries






Insect Repellent (75-100% Deet)




DELUXE (4 Units)

RESTHOUSE (10 Units)






01 Master Bedroom

Queen Bed

Twin Bed

Dormitory Bunk Beds (32

(King) & 02 Standard

Attached Bathroom

Attached Bathroom

Male : 32 Female)

Rooms (Queen)

Air Conditioned

Ceiling Fan

Common Bathroom

Attached Bathroom

Blanket, Towel, Soap &

Blanket, Towel, Soap &

Wall Fan

Bath Tub (Master)




Verandah (Master)

Water Heater



Air Conditioned


Working Table


Blanket, Towel, Soap &

Working Table







Living Room




 Water Heater












 Working Table









Breakfast: 0700 hrs – 0800 hrs


Lunch: 1200 hrs – 1300 hrs


Dinner: 1900 hrs – 2000 hrs


Breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be taken at MBSC and is served in a dining hall adjacent to the resthouse. Food is simple, Malaysian home-style cooking using fresh ingredients (all Halal) purchased locally in Tawau. All meals are served as self-service buffets. Breakfast is often Western-style with cereal, toast, fried or scrambled eggs and sausages – though an Asian breakfast of fried rice or noodles is sometimes served. Lunch usually consists of either fried rice or sandwiches. Dinner includes several vegetable, chicken, beef and/or fish dishes accompanied by steamed rice.




ON: 0700 HRS – 2300 HRS


OFF: 2300 HRS – 0700 HRS




Cell phone coverage is not available. However, you may approach the MBSC office to use the telephones or internet service (chargeable).




Trekking *appointed forest ranger is compulsory for trekking activities other than the self-guided trails Nature Trail (1km / 1 – 2 hours)


Agathis – Nephenthes Camp (7.5km / 4 – 5 hours)


Nephenthes Camp – Giluk Waterfall (3km) or Takob Akob Waterfall (2.8km) Nephenthes – Lobah Camp ((8km / 4.5 hours)


Lobah Camp – Maliau Falls (2km / 1.5 hours) Maliau Falls – Ginseng Camp (4.8km / 2 – 3 hours) Ginseng Camp – Agathis Camp (9km / 5 – 6 hours)




Night Drive (2030 hrs – 2130 hrs) / Night Walk (2030 hrs – 2130 hrs)


*basic open truck vehicle accompanied by forest ranger will be provided for animal spotting




Personal Purpose


Use of Camera (non DSLR) – RM10.00 / Per Unit


Use of DSLR Camera – RM100.00 / Per Unit


Use of Video Camera (portable) – RM100.00 / Per Unit


Professional and Commercial Purposes


Use of Camera – RM1,000.00 / Per Unit


Use of Video Camera (portable) – RM1,000.00 / Per Unit


Important Remarks:


· All filming or photography to be conducted at Danum Valley Conservation Area must obtain permission from the Danum Valley Management Committee, and copy of photographs given to Yayasan Sabah.

· Declaration Form to be completed by non commercial / non professional photographer.