Danum Valley


Danum Valley is about 70 kilometer ( 44 miles ) west of Lahad Datu , Sabah's fourth largest town. It comprises 43,800 of virgin forest. It is a vast reserve of lush tropical lowland forest rich in Sabah's unique flora and fauna. The area has been recorgnised as one of the world's most complex ecosystem. The Danum Valley provides visitors with ecological experience into the wilds and wonders of ancient tropical forest. The hot and humid jungle teems with a variety of towering tropical trees, lingering lianas ,exotic orchids and overhanging epiphytcs. Danum Valley lies within the upper reaches of Sabah's second largest river, the segama and its tribut aries. Danum Valley is generally hilly but not mountainous. Its highest point is mount Danum, of 1093 meters ( 3585 feet ) in highest. There are few place on earth that can provide such an awe-inspiring spectacle of nature in its original , pristine state.

The Danum Valley is a primary rainforest jungle and renowned for its rich variety of both plants and wildlife, Borneo's mammals include such extremely rare and endangered species as the Sumatran Rhino, Banteng Elephant, Clouded Leopard, Bornean Gibbon , Leaf Monkey and Orangutan. Bird life is equally extensive and varied with over 275 individual species having been recorded, giving Danum Valley a reputation for being one of the best places for viewing Borneo's wildlife. Lodge activities include jungle walks, bird watching with resident nature guides, canopy walkways high above the jungle floor that allow the viewing of the rainforest from the treestops and night safaris with sight and sounds emanating deep from within the rainforest.

Danum Valley and the Borneo Rainforest Lodge promise you a truly unforgettable and inspiring jungle rainforest experience.














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