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Our Destination

Le cruise De Kota Belud showcases Kota Belud's own wetlands, the nearest place from Kota Kinabalu ( 1 and a half hour drive only) where you can discover one of Sabah's icon, the proboscis monkeys. The cruise begins alaong the Tempasuk river where you will be greeted by the majestic view of mount Kinabalu at the background and before long the sight of bouncy crowds of proboscis monkeys will engross river cruisers hence do not forget to bring your binoculars, Village panorama along the cruise will equally fascinate you. Further in the cruise, a dramatic view awaits as the sunset and if you are lucky, even a slight drizzle will add colours to your excursion as the rainbow appears on the horizon. For the second cruise along Nanamun river, the enchanting sight of Christmas light emanating from fireflies in the thousands will brighten up the journey.